Compassionate Collaborative Care™ for new parents and parents to be.
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We are proud to be one of the longest standing doula practices in Los Angeles County.
Our doulas and instructors serve all of LA County and we offer classes in numerous locations.

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Doula Services - Meet the Doula

What is a Doula, and why would you want one? What if you already have a partner who plans to be actively involved? How do you find the right doula for you and your family? Can you afford one?  (Yes!)

Birth Basics

Optimal Fetal Positioning (OFP), Stages of labor-Discussion and Film, Pushing and Birth, The Placenta, The first two hours post partum: The bonding period/breast feeding cues, How to have a better hospital birth/The birth partner/Circuit Labor comfort measures.

Newborn Care

Newborn class will include hands on practice, ample reading material, discussion and DVD's to review. Join us for a informative and empowering class to ready you for parenthood. Swaddling, diapering, soothing, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, developmental needs, post-partum recovery and more!


Learn to give birth confidently and intuitively! With Hypnobabies you’ll learn everything you need to know about giving birth! In addition to a full childbirth education curriculum, you’ll learn hypnosis techniques to increase relaxation and comfort in childbirth.

Birthing from Within

Birthing from Within is a creative and innovative approach to preparing for birth developed by midwife Pam England. It begins by asking key questions such as: What is it that YOU need to know to give birth?, How will you cope with the intensity and unknown of birth and parenting?, How are you preparing to give and receive support in labor and beyond?

Postpartum Doula Referral Program

Our Program is designed to gently guide and support your family through this special transition that you may get off to the best start with your new precious baby.

Private Classes & Services

All of our classes can be taught privately. Please contact class instructors for more information.

Thank you, Cheryl!
We are excited to announce that our Founder, Cheryl Baker, CCE, CD & CLE has retired and begun a new chapter in her life. We celebrate her and honor her legacy of family centered care, communal entrepreneurism and advanced doula mentorship.

After serving the community for 40+ years she will be taking a well-deserved sabbatical and sailing along the East Coast!  An exciting new adventure in her life that will allow Cheryl to also be closer to her son and his family.  

We wish Cheryl the very best as she embarks on this chapter of her life.  Cheryl will be able to do internet and phone consultations and will be able to arrange Facetime classes.  You may contact her: